3 Electric Or Solar Motors For Kayaks

The experience of kayaking is an out of this world experience for those true adventure seekers that want to have fun. It’s amazing how a tiny, canoe-like boat can be so strong and safe to use. These days technology has advanced so much that almost anything seems possible.

To keep the kayaking experience a pleasure, a crucial step to take (if you want to get somewhere faster) is buying a durable, strong motor. The more advanced electric and solar motors for kayaks seem to be great, but with so many on the market, it’s quite hard to determine which ones are the best.

Let’s have a look at 3 of them:

1. E-Kayak Motor (can be bought separately)

electric motor on kayak

A popular kayak on the market right now is the E- Kayak, with creative features that let your muscles rest, as kayaking can be quite a tiring workout.

Basically, it takes the concept of replacing paddles with motor power into a whole new dimension. The kayak has a carbon propeller and the motor itself is combined with a footed rudder. This is for dismounting and mounting the kayak easily while in transport.

The paddles can still be used as a back up. The motor is therefore extraordinary and instead of buying it separately, the E Kayak itself is a great option to purchase as a whole.

2. Watersnake Venom 34lb Thrust Motor

34lb thrust electric motor

This motor is the best all-rounder as it provides an abundance of features for a fraction of the cost. It’s great for both freshwater and salt water, and weighs a mere fifteen pounds and has a thirty-four-pound thrust, which is rare to find. Also with a 32″ shaft, 32 Amps and 12V speed, it is quite efficient.

The motor itself can operate in five different speeds, as well as move in reverse. The most interesting feature is its extendable tiller. Combined, it is the perfect purchase and would work great with a Tahe Marine kayak.

3. Torqeedo Ultralight 403 Trolling Motor

electric kayak motor

This is an electric outboard that is watertight and compatible with an array of lighter kayaks, like the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS. It’s obviously much faster than paddling, which majorly benefits the kayaker if they want to reach spots faster.

It’s lightweight, at a mere sixteen pounds. It has an upgraded 320Wh lithium battery, remote throttle control and battery charger. There is also a remote throttle control with magnetic on/off key and information display. This makes it ideal for long trips in the water and very easy to commute in.

To Sum It Up…

The kayaking experience shall not be compromised with purchasing a low-quality motor, which is like the heart to a human. With such an important function, the motor must be purchased after much research and consideration.

The three motors mentioned above are solar/electric powered and eco-friendly, yet they are extremely efficient in aiding the kayaker in getting to their destinations with ease. The motors are also extremely light weight, which is an important factor in determining the right motor, as it can be hard to transport if it’s heavier.

It’s a genius invention, one that does not contribute to air pollution nor is noisy and irritating.

The ElectraCraft 12CSX

The world’s leading manufacturer of electric power boats, ElectraCraft, has broken out of its traditional family-oriented, high end, environmental-friendly electric luxury boats, made since 1975. Instead, they decided to make the 12CSX, an electric boat that is all about fun, speed, style and excitement!


electric boat by ElectraCraft


This sleek, 2-passenger model will have you looking stylish on the open seas, lakes and harbors, while you feel the warm breeze glide past you and you become one with the open waters. This electric boat is just what you need if you’re in the mood for zipping around on the water and letting go of your mainland worries. You can do speeds of 4.5 mph for 3 hours where you’re bounded by speed limits, such as is the case with lakes and harbors. Or you can cruise at a high speed of 6 mph for 2 hours where you can let go and sail at full throttle. It takes about 6 hours to attain a full charge.


inside of the 12CSX


The Electracraft12CSX is equipped with an on-board computer and GPS to keep track of your whereabouts, so you don’t risk getting lost out on the ocean, especially useful for people who are new to boating. It’s powered by the German-built Torqeedo 24-Volt Cruise 2.0 R, a blend of efficiency and power (as is the norm with German machinery), which can be upgraded to a Torqeedo 4.0 R 48 Volt outboard motor and battery option, if you want to add more thrill and excitement to your experience. This makes it the most efficient power boat in its class.

The amazing features of the 12CSX may seem too good to be true, but what’s even more amazing is the fact that they don’t end there. It’s additional features include:

– A 6V battery power pack to ensure you last an extra mile while out at sea
– A fusion stereo for music lovers
– Tilt steering for comfortable control
– A molded one-piece catamaran shaped hull which provides stability for superior maneuverability

The 2-seater ElectraCraft 12CSX is perfect for couples who want to get away and enjoy the privacy of the open sea, or friends and family who are into trying a new experience. Your entertainment is not limited either, as you can listen to any music of your choice on the aforementioned fusion stereo, if the serene silence of the sea is not really your thing.


electric boat by ElectraCraft


Never before has performance and superior styling been blended into a machine that cruises the open seas with exceptional handling, and is environmentally friendly at the same time. The ElectraCraft 12CSX has the advantage of coming from a manufacturer with many years of experience in the field of electric-boat manufacturing. They gathered up their years of experience through the years to come up with a unique masterpiece that is sure to give you an unforgettable experience while out at sea. A comprehensive warranty, with unmatched service capability, also come along with the package, making sure that customer satisfaction is met in the best way possible. In a nutshell, the 12CSX would be the best friend of every motor-boater out there.

The Duffy 21 Old Bay Electric Boat, A Richly Cultured Boat


electric boat

What happens when a product has been manufactured and improved over a long period of time? It either goes off the market or it becomes superior in function and build. The Duffy 21 Old Bay electric boat has most definitely succeeded with the latter. With 45 years on the market, this boat not only speaks functionality, but also beauty and comfort. Just as the name might suggest, the boat is 21 feet in length and comes with a 26-inch draft, allowing it to maneuver through heavy bodies of water comfortably. The outer metallic wash of a new Old Bay is fancy enough to be left in its original form. However, a buyer wishing for something truly unique can go ahead and customize the boat to their own tastes.

Exquisite interior

The interior is where the 21 Old Bay proves its worth. This boat is able to comfortably seat up to 12 people, which means you can call your friends over and go for a weekend afternoon ride. The interior is highly accessorized in well-polished wood, wooden articles, as well as traced fiberglass. The aft and forward components each have a set of wooden tables, complete with drink holders, so no spilling your drink on the floors. Nonetheless, even if you do, the teak-looking vinyl floor is easy enough to clean. The dashboard is also highly complemented in elegant wood, and to complete the wooden finish is the mahogany manual steering wheel.

boat interior

The Duffy 21 Old Bay electric boat comes with its own bar too. A mini bar actually, but spacious enough to keep those bottles safe and out of the way as you enjoy your ride. To sustain an environment of comfort, the boat has a foldable sun roof. The medium-thickness fabric seats are good enough to maximize the passengers’ comfort. There is ample lighting across the whole boat, from the aft all the way to the front. Furthermore, to accentuate on the comfort, the boat comes equipped with a splendid entertainment unit composed of an iPod docking station and a sound system with four waterproof speakers. To protect the interior from climatic-related damage, the boat has an anti-UV All-Weather Cabin Enclosure.


21' electric boat

The Old Bay has an LED lit navigation system to allow for navigation in the dark. The fuel gauge has that analog feel that reminds you of the boat’s long heritage. It hits a high speed of 6 MPH, which is quite slow for some people, but then again, who needs high speed when on a leisure cruise? With a 48-volt motor battery, the boat is able to cruise comfortably for 7.5 hours. At top speed, the battery lasts for 3 hours. Meanwhile, on those stop overs, the battery has an automatic recharge system, which ensures that it will be able to pick up some power for a return trip. Additionally one may choose to buy an extra battery pack which consists of eight batteries.


boat docked

The Duffy 21 Old Bay electric boat is not made for your everyday speed use. However, the look and comfort is good enough to warrant a ride in it. Additionally, unlike diesel and petrol powered boats, this boat does not produce the deafening roar of a loud engine. You can also forget about the fumes. This boat has three things that other electric boats lack: class, a good reputation and most importantly, a long and rich legacy. In a nutshell, the Duffy 21 Old Bay electric boat is a boat worthy of a try for daytime leisure cruise lovers.

Want To Go Even MORE Green Than Electric? Go Solar!

While electric motors are a much better option than gas motors (both for the environment AND our health), using electric still relies on the power plants who send that electric. The only way to be COMPLETELY green is to use solar panels, not just on your house (if you can afford it), but on many other things as well, including boats. Here are a few of the best solar panels for your boats…

Go Power! GP-SF-5 Sun Film 5W Marine Solar Panels

solar panel

The physical design of this Chinese-made panel is much the same as any other model for industrial use, however, this is a far superior model. Not only is the Go Power! usable for charging vehicles like carts, ATV’s, snowmobiles, and even handheld electronic devices, this panel can also be used to charge boat batteries.

The vast array of vehicles/items you can charge with this panel already makes this one of the better, more popular options for powering your motor boat. It also requires almost no maintenance, which only sweetens the deal. Furthermore, its LED indicator can also signal the percentage of the battery to alert you to any battery drainage. Its dimensions also lend to its huge popularity amongst boaters, which are 13.25″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″, with a weight of 3 pounds. This lean and light solar panel is certainly one of the better options on the market nowadays.

Sun Force 50022 5-Watts Solar Battery Trickle Charger

5 watt trickle charger

The most evident feature of the Sun Force 50022 is its durability, as it features an aluminium frame and a surface made of amorphous silicon. It’s also protected by a layer of ABS plastic that will prevent external damage, therefore guaranteeing a long life for this solar panel. Much like the previously mentioned model, Sun Force 50022 is water proof and easy to install. However, a feature that sets it apart is its built-in protection against overcharging and/or discharging.

Flexibility of use is another attractive feature, as it includes a 12-volt battery. Its battery clamps and mounting hardware permit easy installation. Thanks to the amorphous silicon cells, it won’t discharge after sunset, which is a weakness still shared by many models currently on the market. In terms of dimensions, this panel is calculated at 18″ x 1.5″ x 14″ and weighs 4.2 pounds. While somewhat larger and heavier than Go Power!’s model, Sun Force can still be considered within the small range, which makes it easy to manage.

Renogy 100W 12V Mono Crystalline Marine Solar Panels

100W charger

This Thailand-manufactured model remains one of the best reviewed on the market, and it’s easy to see why. This high-performance solar cell generates electricity from the ultra rays of the sun. And while the Renogy’s efficiency still depends greatly on sunlight availability, this model boasts a high conversion rate with an ideal output of 500 watt hours per day, and a guarantee of no hot spots during heating. The durability of this solar panel are a product of its build, made up of lamination sheets.

Much like the previous models, there is a great flexibility in the uses for this panel, as it can be used on camping, traveling and domestic uses. Something else to consider is the model’s resiliency, as it can withstand heavy snow and strong winds, making it a faithful companion against the restless seas. In terms of dimensions, this panel is considerably larger and heavier than the other two models, at 39.7″ x 26.7″ x 1.4″ and weighs 16.5 pounds. However, this is still a small downside to a highly efficient panel.

3 Great Electric Motors To Own – Take A Look

Electric motors are becoming a very popular substitute for gas motors on boats. Not only are they quiet, but they’re cheaper to use and better for the environment. Another great advantage to using electric motors is that you are not limited by the restrictions of some waterways that don’t allow gas motors. There are many electric motors, but not all of them are the same, and you need to figure out which one is best for your boat and what it’s being used for. Some motors are perfect for big extravagant vessels, while others are better suited for small boats, such as kayaks and canoes. Here are some of the best electric motors on the market right now.

1. Newport Vessels NV-Series 36lb


36lb electric motor

This Newport Vessels NV-Series is a 36lb thrusting motor that runs with a two propeller system. It is best for a small, 7′-9′ vessel (usually kayaks, canoes, or inflatable dinghies). This is a very slow and steady motor, with an eight speed control system, reaching about 4 mph. It is compatible in both saltwater and freshwater, making it very convenient for all kinds of adventures. It also has a 6 inch telescoping control handle that allows for easy steering and navigation. This Newport Vessels motor will give you about 2 hours to ride on a full charge.

2. Minn Kota Endura C2 30


C2 30 motor

The Minn Kota Endura is very small, yet very reliable. If you are looking for a motor to propel a boat up to 1500 pounds, then this is perfect motor for you. This is an 8 speed motor, with five forward and three reverse speeds with a 12-volt power system. It has a six inch telescope handle that allows for easy steering and navigation. This motor is great for fishing and includes a power prop, which helps to deliver more power and get you through rough areas. It is one of the most quiet motors on the market, which also makes it great for fishing because it won’t scare the fish away.

3. Torqueedo Travel 1003 CS


electric motor

The Torqueedo Travel 1003 CS is made for boats weighing up to 1.5 tons. This is one of the most quiet and environmentally friendly motors on the market. This motor includes an onboard computer system with GPS to calculate range, and can also be solar powered, recharging while in use. Torqueedo engines are known for their exceptional range and efficiency. Torqeedo also makes the safest engines and lithium batteries that you will find. This motor is very technologically advanced, including an app to check the engine and the remaining range on your smartphone.

Check Out This Beautiful Electric Boat!

When you watch the video, notice how quiet and smooth in runs. You won’t create a lot of noise that can be irritating to your ears, and wildlife won’t be bothered either. And not only that, you also won’t be polluting the water. It’s a win-win situation. Just think about sitting there playing cards, or just enjoying the company of friends/family while out on the water!

Understanding the Differences Between Gas Boats & Electric Boats

Looking to buy a boat? The idea is exciting but there’s a lot that goes into purchasing a boat. Although there are many types, the most popular versions of are gas and electric boats. The difference is their source of power. Gas boats run on fuel while electric boats run on electricity sourced from batteries. Each type has its own pros and cons which will help in the decision making. You’d find that gas powered boats are gasoline powered with a 2 cycle engine.

gas vs electric


Gas boats are a favorite choice for many hobbyists. They attain better speeds as compared to battery-powered boats. So if you’re looking to cover wide distances or simply love the thrill of jet fast boats, then a gas powered boat would be the right choice for you. On the other hand, gas isn’t cheap so expect to incur more cost with that. An electric boat is mostly used for calmer waters, like lakes, bays or rivers.


You may also want to familiarize yourself with the local laws regarding the use of a gas powered boat on some water bodies. This is because of the possibility of water pollution in case the gas leaks into the water. There’s also fumes that go into the air, whereas electric ones have zero emissions.


If you are a beginner, it is advisable to go for an electric powered boat. A basic model is a more appropriate choice as it is less demanding and easy to operate. Invest in a brushless electric motor so as to prevent premature wear of the engine. This is because this particular type of engine uses electronic communication systems instead of mechanical communicators and brushes. This way, the engine is less likely to overheat since it is sealed off.

electric boat

Cover Longer Distances

One of the advantages of electric powered boats is that their motors are smaller than those used on gas powered boats. These are a common choice for children’s and recreational boats. The small motor means that the boat gets to run longer, making it energy efficient. A full battery charge will enable the boat to cover a wider distance compared to gas powered boats.


All you need for the fun drive ahead in an electric boat is a full battery, which only requires you to plug in your charger to an electrical source. This costs almost no money at all compared to a gas powered boat which requires you to purchase the fuel.

Electric Boats Can Run Faster On The Water!

If you choose a model with a brushless motor, the boat will run faster and longer on water. This is because brushless motors have more torque per weight. Torque is what gives a vehicle its initial power to get to a certain speed. The motor will also not get overheated like a gas engine can.

racing speed boats

Increased Reliability

With a brushless motor, the noise levels when running the boat are low. It won’t get overheated, thus making it more reliable and able to run longer, increasing its lifetime.

Gas Boats & Electric Boats Summary

Your choice depends on a number of factors. If you are looking to use your boat for transportation purposes and need to get to your destination fast, a gas powered boat is the ideal choice for you. However, if you are looking for a boat that will save you money and demand less maintenance without interfering with its quality of service and durability then you should consider an electric powered boat. There are also solar powered boats now, which run on solar energy by installing solar panels on your boat!